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The Socialist issue 1025

16 January 2019

Tories, Tories, Tories - out, out, out!

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The Socialist issue 1025

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What we think

spotMay facing Brexit vote catastrophe

Corbyn must put workers’ movement on a war footing!

The Tories are at each other’s throats – now let’s get them out!

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotAfter Grenfell, thousands still in high-rise firetrap blocks

Cladding off now! Landlords and Tories must pay! Across England, 437 high-rise buildings are still covered in combustible cladding

spotUniversal Credit: robbing the working class

The fundamental problem with Universal Credit is austerity

spot30% of English secondaries in deficit

Almost one in three council-maintained English secondary schools were in budget deficit in 2017-18, according to damning new figures

spotThem & Us

It’s one world for the super-rich, and another for the rest of us. Cancer waiting times; outsourcing explosion; tube pollution; Universal Credit

Socialist Party reports and campaigns

spot‘Tories out’ demo

Unions should be visibly campaigning at the front of the movement to oust the Tories instead of subcontracting the business

spotA key task – strengthen Tamil Solidarity campaign

Tamil Solidarity campaign had a very successful Annual General Meeting on 13 January

Council cuts

spotGlasgow: huge turnout to fight closure of Whitehill pool

Council cuts: In total, seven pools/gyms are threatened plus libraries, golf courses and bowling greens

spotSurrey: save our children’s centres

Council cuts: Surrey has just concluded a consultation over £250 million of cuts

spotCaerphilly: right-wing Islwyn Labour councillors fight to impose cuts

Council cuts: A battle is raging inside and outside the Labour Party in Caerphilly council against the cuts

spotNothing to declare? Dodgy councillors hide vested interests

59 of our 62 listed local councillors had claimed ‘special dispensation’

spotNorth Tyneside: march to save our footbridge

Council cuts: The second meeting of the Save Borough Road Footbridge campaign took place on 12 January

Socialist history

spotThe 1979 ‘Winter of Discontent’

It was the biggest stoppage in Britain since the 1926 general strike

International socialist news and analysis

spotUSA: federal workers without pay – but immediate mass action can end shutdown

On 22 December, Trump shut down the government, demanding $5.7 billion for his infamous ‘border wall’

spotIndia: biggest general strike ever

Why did 200 million workers strike on 8-9 January?

spotFrance: union-led action and assemblies can defeat Macron

After a slowdown over Christmas, it seems the ‘gilets jaunes’ movement is back in full swing.

spotMexico: police silence on horrific attack on CWI member

On 20 December 2018, one of our members was raped, robbed and kidnapped for more than an hour

Workplace news and analysis

spotUnions must fight and demand nationalisation to save thousands of car industry jobs

Bridgend Ford bosses have said over 1,000 workers will lose their jobs over the next two years, with 370 to go this spring

spotHundreds join Manc RMT picket line in solidarity after far-right attack

This followed the recent attack on pickets by a far-right group

spotUCU: Vote Yes and Yes in the higher education pay and equality ballot

In October we voted by 70% for strike action – but Tory anti-union laws mean we don’t have a legal mandate

spotRe-elect Chris Baugh for AGS


spotSorry to Bother You: “Socialist film Botox that made me feel young again”

Film review: Union organisation and action in telesales are the backdrop to the film

spotBrexit: The Uncivil War – an interesting but inaccurate portrayal of EU referendum

TV review: Not an accurate portrayal, or even a good drama

spotThe Socialist Inbox

Letters to the editors: Do you have something to say? Keresley shooting, debt crash, BT tribunal


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