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29 April 2016

Hillsborough verdict - a magnificent testimony to courage and fortitude

The recent verdict of the inquests into the Hillsborough football stadium disaster of 1989, which killed 96 people vindicates the 27-year campaign for the truth, which battled against establishment lies and slurs on the victims. Tony Mulhearn, who was an anti-cuts, socialist city councillor in Liverpool from 1984 to 1987, responds.

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13 April 2016

Review: 'Militant' by Michael Crick

Lessons of Militant vital for struggles today: Michael Crick's book 'Militant' was first published in 1984. Why has it now been re-issued?

More ...

8 April 2016

TUSC Liverpool mayor candidate condemns censorship

Merseyside TUSC is recording its opposition to a Liverpool City Council election office decision to veto a section in Roger Bannister's election address which refers to 'Liverpool Labour'

More ...

6 April 2016

Stop divisive attacks on pensioners' cash

Iain Duncan Smith's resignation from the Department for Work and Pensions opened up another malevolent attack on pensioners.

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23 March 2016


Letters to the Socialist's editors. Rape, women and victim blaming; McDonnell boosts Blairite mayor; healthcare insurance headache; errors of the pro-EU left; global economy gripes.

More ...

9 March 2016

TUSC names first 2016 election challengers

The TUSC steering committee has approved the first batch of candidates for 5th May.

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24 February 2016


Do you have something to say? Letters to the Socialist's editors. Heseltine's Liverpool lies; nurse on class war; Tories versus law and order.

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17 February 2016

An open letter to John McDonnell from Tony Mulhearn

"You do call for a mass campaign of opposition to cuts with the objective of placing the blame on the Tories. But if this is to be effective it must be on the basis of Labour councillors refusing to vote for cuts".

More ...

6 January 2016

Workplace news in brief

Short reports on some of the latest trade union struggles. Prison officers' conference to discuss attacks at work; junior doctors' strike back on; fighting the anti-union bill in Lancashire.

More ...

18 December 2015

Liverpool's mayor and confusion

The following letter was sent to the Liverpool Echo this week by Tony Mulhearn, in response to an attack by Mayor Joe Anderson

More ...

9 December 2015


Do you have something to say? Send your news, views and criticism in not more than 150 words to the Socialist Postbox. Bushtucker and class, Hilary Benn's pro-war speech.

More ...

3 December 2015

Hilary Benn's speech: demagogic and dishonest

The definition of a demagogue: 'a political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular fears, desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument.

More ...

12 November 2015

Labour Party in 1980s Liverpool

A letter in the Guardian by Tony Mulhearn

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3 November 2015

Meet the Militants!

The shift in the political landscape marked by Jeremy Corbyn's election to Labour leader will be central to discussions at Socialism 2015, an event organised by the Socialist Party, formerly Militant.

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14 October 2015

Bradshaw supports MP de-selection when he benefits

A headline screamed: One senior MP (Ben Bradshaw) stormed out of a heated session of the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) addressed by Jeremy Corbyn

More ...

30 September 2015

Lessons from the past: Liverpool City Council 1983-87

From 1983 to 1987 Liverpool was led by supporters of Militant (predecessor of the Socialist), who at the time were members of the Labour Party. When faced with cuts from central government, they refused to pass them on.

More ...

25 August 2015

Boothroyd's pro-capitalist credentials

Ex right-wing Labour MP Baroness Boothroyd writes that Labour is 'galloping towards the precipice' if Jeremy Corbyn clinches the leadership contest

More ...

18 August 2015

Fascists caged, humiliated and driven out of Liverpool

There was a great result for anti-fascist activists in Liverpool on 15 August who opposed far-right group National Action and their planned 'White Man March'.

More ...

10 August 2015

Kinnock, the visionary?

The following letter was sent to the Observer by 'Liverpool 47' former councillor Tony Mulhearn, but was not published by the Observer

More ...

5 August 2015

Jeremy Corbyn: Thousands rally to anti-austerity appeal

Jeremy Corbyn's nomination for Labour leadership has transformed the contest. In contrast to the three varieties of Blairite 'austerity lite' on offer, he has captured a mood.

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