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21 March 2018

Brazil: Psol councillor Marielle Franco murdered

There can be no doubt that this murder is related to her struggle against the corruption, violence and racism of the Rio military police and their links to death squads

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14 February 2018

Brazil: Lula conviction confirmed

Unity in struggle against Temer's attacks - build a new socialist alternative: The objective of this second conviction of Lula - frontrunner in all opinion polls - is to eliminate him from the 2018 presidential elections

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17 May 2017

Brazil: General strike against Temer regime

On 28 April, the Brazilian working class gave a clear sign of its strength and ability to mobilise

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7 September 2016

Brazil: impeachment farce only serves big business

Brazil's president Dilma Rousseff was removed from office on 31 August, having been found guilty of manipulating government accounts. The impeachment amounts to a constitutional coup by the capitalist class gathered around Michel Temer - whose party PMDB, like Rousseff's PT, is also mired in corruption.

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22 June 2016

Brazil budget

Brazilian politicians are considering a constitutional amendment to lock in austerity for two decades

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25 May 2016

Brazil: Fall of Rousseff unleashes offensive against working class

The impeachment process and historic crisis of the Workers' Party: Brazil is experiencing its deepest economic and social crisis. Alongside this, a massive political crisis has arisen.

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13 April 2016

Brazil: solidarity with attacked civil servants

On 4 April, a group of civil servants in Praia Grande, Brazil, who are in struggle for a wage increase of 12.5%, occupied their trade union (linked to Força Sindical) offices in protest at the treacherous actions of the union leadership which threatened to sell out their dispute.

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22 June 2015

Brazil: Reinstate Marzeni - Solidarity needed

A court hearing on the sackings at Sabesp, the company responsible for water supply and sanitation in most of the state of São Paulo, will take place on 6 July

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17 March 2015

Brazil - solidarity protests needed

Faced with lack of water for people, Sabesp cuts costs, sacks more than 500 workers and victimises trade union activists

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LSR (CWI in Brazil) members march in solidarity with striking Metro transport workers

18 June 2014

Brazil: Upsurge in struggles of workers and homeless as the World Cup begins

In the context of a wave of struggle and protests in the run-up to the World Cup, the São Paulo Metro workers began a powerful strike on 5 June (temporarily suspended at the time of writing)

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10 June 2014

Brazil: Solidarity with sacked Metro workers

A Metro strike in Sao Paolo state in Brazil is underway; 60 striking workers have been sacked and are appealing for international solidarity

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27 November 2013

Brazilian socialist councillor speaks in Britain

Manchester: "The people want FIFA-standard housing, FIFA-standard hospitals, FIFA-standard schools!"

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19 November 2013

Manchester meeting hears about strike wave in Brazil

"The people want FIFA-standard housing, FIFA-standard hospitals, FIFA-standard schools"! Brazilian trade unionist and socialist councillor Paulo Eduardo Gomes addressed a packed meeting in Manchester

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Brazilians in London protest on 13 June 2013 in support of the struggles in Brazil, photo H Pattison

Brazilians in London protest on 13 June 2013 in support of the struggles in Brazil, photo H Pattison

30 October 2013

Brazil: "Rio, a showcase for the world"

Contradictions between prosperous Brazil and precarious conditions bring potential for struggle: After the massive mobilisations that took place all over Brazil in June, the struggles did not cease

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Brazilians in London protest on 13 June 2013 in support of the struggles in Brazil, photo H Pattison

Brazilians in London protest on 13 June 2013 in support of the struggles in Brazil, photo H Pattison

26 June 2013

Brazil: A victory for the mass struggle

An estimated two million people in 100 cities took to the streets of Brazil in a gigantic protest movement on 20 June

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PSOL on demo in Brazil

PSOL on demo in Brazil

18 July 2012

Brazil: 'Miracle' economy slows

Brazil, as part of the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, and China), has in recent years been seen as a 'hope' for the global economy, writes Marcus Kollbrunner, Liberdade Socialismo e Revolução (CWI, Brazil).

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14 March 2012

Brazil - Trade unionist sacked for denouncing a death

On March 12th, Joaquim Aristeu Benedito da Silva, a leading trade unionist working for AmBev in Jacareí (São Paulo state) was sacked...

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7 December 2011

Brazilian socialists remember Socrates

The last day of the PSoL left party's congress in São Paulo was dedicated to the memory of the great Brazilian footballer Socrates, who died from liver disease on the same day...

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24 March 2011

Brazil welcomed Obama with the arrest of 13 protesters

The arrival of Barack Obama in Brazil was marked by the political arrest of 13 Brazilians who were protesting against his presence in the country...

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