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Local services / Cuts

26 November 2014

NHS campaigners must fight all cuts

On the NHS Jarrow March, I spoke to one of the organisers. The march was creating incredible awareness about selling off the NHS. I said we must oppose all cuts...

More ...

26 November 2014

TUSC says no to cuts in Notts

Not everyone is happy about the Netherfield by-election on 4 December...

More ...

26 November 2014

Them & Us

Food banks: The Con-Dems austerity cuts have pushed hundreds of thousands into poverty

More ...

People's March for the NHS, London, September 2014, photo Bob Severn

19 November 2014

Workers unite to defend the NHS

NHS workers in England will once again be striking for four hours on Monday 24 November from 7am. This time the action has been stepped up as more health unions - eleven in total - will be taking part

More ...

Owen Jones, photo Senan

Owen Jones, photo Senan

19 November 2014

Owen Jones: no answers

Owen Jones, the celebrity, journalist and Labour member, spoke to a packed lecture theatre on 15 November

More ...

19 November 2014

Bitterne walk-in's bitter win

Southampton TUSC supporters have been campaigning against the closure of a vital walk-in centre in Bitterne

More ...

19 November 2014

Toxic mix in Rochester and Strood byelection

As we go to press, Ukip is widely expected to win the Rochester and Strood parliamentary byelection, overturning a Tory majority of nearly 10,000 polled by Tory MP defector Mark Reckless

More ...

19 November 2014

Them & Us

Poorest robbed: A new report on the effects on households of Con-Dem austerity cuts and income tax reductions found, unsurprisingly, that wealth has shifted further from the poorest to the richest

More ...

Campaigning agianst cuts and profiteering on the Northern and Transpennine rail lines, photo RMT

14 November 2014

Campaigning against rail cuts and profiteering

The RMT is fighting to stop massive cuts

More ...

Speakers at the Scottish TUSC conference, November 2014, photo SPS

Speakers at the Scottish TUSC conference, November 2014, photo SPS

12 November 2014

Leading Scottish trade unionists back TUSC

Some of the leaders of Scotland's most combative unions were gathered at a significant Scottish Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) conference on 1 November

More ...

12 November 2014

Them & Us

Cuts without end: Millionaire Chancellor George Osborne boasted to a baying audience at Tory party conference in October that he was slashing an extra 25 billion from public spending and a further 12 billion from welfare payments

More ...

12 November 2014

Fight JCB's 150 job cuts

Construction machinery firm JCB is carrying out a consultation with office workers after announcing 150 job cuts through voluntary redundancy and early retirement

More ...

12 November 2014

What recovery? Thousands more jobs axed

Rolls Royce: The Con-Dems much vaunted economic recovery is a mirage judged by the recently announced large scale job cuts affecting manufacturing and the service sector

More ...

Disabled people and their families protest in central London against government spending cuts, photo Paul Mattsson

Disabled people and their families protest in central London against government spending cuts, photo Paul Mattsson

5 November 2014

Cold, cruel cuts: Fight the Con-Dem attacks

The government onslaught of attacks on the sick, disabled and terminally ill looks set to increase rapidly. Tory Chancellor George Osborne wants to savagely cut Employment and Support Allowance. Some of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people could see their income slashed by 30 a week

More ...

5 November 2014

The Con-Dems' Machiavellian cuts

Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), a replacement for Incapacity Benefit, was introduced in 2008 for paying benefits to those too ill to work or with a disability

More ...

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