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Local services / Cuts

29 July 2014

Passport Office strikes for jobs and decent pay

There was a good mood on the picket line at Newport passport office as workers struck to demand additional staff and improved pay

More ...

Picketing Hackney Town Hall on 10 July 2014, photo Paul Mattsson

16 July 2014

J10 strike success: Now build movement to end low pay

"Work should pay, not keep you in poverty." After the 10 July strike of over one million workers, no one could be in any doubt that low pay is a major issue in Britain

More ...

Leicester councillors Wayne Naylor and Barbara Potter, photo Leicester TUSC

16 July 2014

Leicester anti-cuts councillors join up with TUSC

Two Leicester anti-cuts councillors have joined up with the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition in the fight against austerity

More ...

16 July 2014

Scotland: Threat of a Yes majority forces concessions

The independence referendum campaign in Scotland is approaching its concluding two months with opinion polls still showing a lead for the No side - 57% compared to 43% for Yes

More ...

16 July 2014

Them & Us

Tough at the top: Poverty pay and the cost of living crisis are the big issues for many workers and their families. But for those at the top, life it seems couldn't be better

More ...

26 March TUC demonstration, photo Senan

9 July 2014

After 10 July - build workers' movement

Up to two million public sector workers will strike against rotten poverty pay on 10 July (J10). Firefighters are launching eight days of action against pensions robbery. Thousands are taking local action to defend living standards

More ...

TUC demo in Manchester: 50,000 march against Tories in September 2013 demanding action on NHS, photo Paul Mattsson

TUC demo in Manchester: 50,000 march against Tories in September 2013 demanding action on NHS, photo Paul Mattsson

9 July 2014

NHS: No to cuts!

The 200,000-a-year chief executive of University Hospitals Leicester, John Adler, is planning to cut maternity services at Leicester General Hospital

More ...

9 July 2014

Emergency: Con-Dems don't care

Since 2010 spending on social care has fallen by 12% while the number of people in need of support has risen by 14%

More ...

9 July 2014

Robert Service's historical prejudice on Liverpool

Tony Mulhearn, one of the 47 heroic Liverpool city councillors who fought Tory prime minister Margaret Thatcher's cuts in the 1980s, sent the letter below to the Observer after Robert Service reviewed Tristam Hunt's book "Ten Cities That Made an Empire" on 8 June

More ...

2 July 2014

Needed: a political voice for the working class

Labour woos big business: Labour is offering an 'olive branch' or an olive tree to big business by promising even more tax breaks. This is despite corporation tax being at record low levels and ignoring the millions that are lost to tax scams by these companies

More ...

2 July 2014

Review: Murdered By My Boyfriend

A harrowing look at violence against young women: BBC Three's 'Murdered By My Boyfriend' tells us from the start that it is a true story. The details are all as they took place for a real-life woman from Nottingham, who was killed by her boyfriend

More ...

2 July 2014

Underfunding crisis threatens NHS

Doctors have recently warned that the National Health Service (NHS) is facing collapsing services due to an underfunding crisis

More ...

Marching against austerity, photo Senan

25 June 2014

10 July: All out to end poverty pay

It's official: local government workers in Unison have voted to strike on 10 July (J10) against the Con-Dem government's pay freeze

More ...

Unite Health members on the 2012 Oct 20th TUC demo, photo Senan

25 June 2014

How can Unite lead fight against cuts?

Around 700 delegates and 100 youth observers will attend Unite's policy conference that begins on 30 June and will set the union's agenda for the next two years

More ...

25 June 2014

Winning recruits for socialism

The Socialist Party's recruitment week was very successful. We carry reports on two of the best results

More ...

25 June 2014

GMB members question Labour link

You can tell the general election is less than a year away when Ed Miliband, Rachel Reeves and three other senior Labour politicians descend on GMB congress to whip up the Labour vote

More ...

25 June 2014

Unison conference: members call for united action

Unison conference, which met on 18-20 June, was dominated by three debates: strike action over pay, the Labour Party and a lack of democracy on the conference floor

More ...

25 June 2014

Reinstate Bryan Kennedy!

On 17 June, Unite rep Bryan Kennedy found out - by letter - that he had been sacked by One Housing Group (OHG). Bryan had been suspended since February. He will appeal this decision

More ...

24 June 2014

Rolling strike action in HMRC

HMRC workers in Shipley had a well staffed picket line on Tuesday 24th June as part of rolling strike action across the department against the latest attacks by their management

More ...

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