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23 April 2014

New figures reveal capitalism in crisis - not recovery

Editorial: Desperate times call for desperate measures. That must have been the line of Chancellor Osborne's thinking when he claimed that new jobs and wages figures proved his austerity measures were yielding a recovery.

More ...

23 April 2014

Every job matters: Support the Tube workers' strike

RMT members on London Underground (LU) will strike on 28-30 April and 5-8 May as Acas talks have failed

More ...

23 April 2014

Over 550 TUSC no-cuts candidates in place

The candidate count for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition's no-cuts challenge in May's local elections has passed 550

More ...

Mitie cleaning workers striking for decent pay on 21 January 2014, photo Neil Cafferky

23 April 2014

Hungry Britain: Fight for jobs and a living wage for all

One million people are now being fed by food banks. In an effort to cut across the horror and sympathy this figure generated, government sources have denounced the author, Trussell Trust charity

More ...

TUSC against cuts

16 April 2014

Help TUSC offer a no-cuts alternative on 22 May

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition national steering committee has approved a further swathe of no-cuts candidates to stand under the TUSC umbrella in the 22 May local elections. And there is still time for more candidates to come forward

More ...

TUC demonstration in Manchester against Tory Party conference 29/09/13 demands Save our NHS, photo Paul Mattsson

16 April 2014

Health workers vote to fight government pay cuts

Unison health conference has overwhelmingly passed a resolution from the Service Group Executive calling for a strike ballot over pay, writes Neil Cafferky.

More ...

16 April 2014

More cuts and another resignation in Southampton

We've had another busy week in Coxford, Southampton, delivering 6,000 copies of anti-cuts councillors Keith Morrell and Don Thomas' newsletter, 'Coxford Call'

More ...

16 April 2014

RMT: Put the tube strike back on and escalate

The six weeks of talks since the tube strikes early this year have exposed London Underground (LU). It continues to demand 953 job losses and another 900 front-line jobs will become managers.

More ...

14 April 2014

Pre-election anti-austerity demonstration called in Salford

Salford Against the Cuts held a public meeting to discuss the devastating cuts proposed by Salford council

More ...

10 April 2014

Bedroom tax eviction respite in Salford

At less than 24 hours notice over 40 people turned up in Walkden, Salford, to prevent an eviction for bedroom tax arrears

More ...

9 April 2014

Break with pro-cuts Labour now

A Labour defeat, said Unite general secretary Len McCluskey, was likely if it went into the 2015 general election promising "a pale shade of austerity"

More ...

9 April 2014

Save Leicester Race Equality Centre

In the last 50 years Leicester Race Equality Centre (TREC) has given advice and support to an estimated 150,000 people, writes Andrew Walton.

More ...

9 April 2014

Furious lobby against service privatisation

Manchester council unions are opposing plans to totally privatise rubbish collection and street cleaning

More ...

2 April 2014

TUSC: No-cuts election challenge grows

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition national steering committee is about to approve the 440th candidate for the challenge in May's local elections. Of 160 councils with elections in May, TUSC already has candidates in place in 76. In 12 councils TUSC will be standing in at least ten seats.

More ...

2 April 2014

May Day greetings in the Socialist

Over the last years we have had brilliant May Day displays in the Socialist

More ...

2 April 2014

Kent 'peasants' storm Rochester

The peasants are revolting again in Kent! Dubbed by Medway Tory leader Alan Jarrett as 'peasants' for refusing to shut up at a council meeting, 200 angry Strood Library activists took to the streets

More ...

31 March 2014

Probation officers walk out

As probation officers walked out in Sheffield, one commented that they were striking to be unattractive to private vultures

More ...

Napo pickets in Canterbury, 5.11.13, photo Dave Semple

26 March 2014

Probation workers' action can defeat privatisation

Probation workers in Napo are preparing for a second national strike against privatisation

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