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Local services / Cuts

23 April 2015

Wales: Hundreds protest cuts to adult education

Staff and students across colleges in Wales took part in protests against cuts

More ...

22 April 2015

TUSC's election broadcast - "at last - a left wing alternative"

On Friday 17 April the TUSC party political broadcast aired on all five terrestrial TV channels

More ...

22 April 2015

Standing up for workers in Derby South

As a support worker in the health sector for people with complex needs I'm angry with what is happening to people due to cuts

More ...

Over 1,000 people marched in Leeds on Saturday 28 April in defence of the NHS , photo Iain Dalton

22 April 2015

Stop NHS cuts!

30bn NHS funding shortfall: Like a tiny plaster over a gaping wound, promises to improve the NHS made by the establishment parties are worthless

More ...

19 April 2015

Only TUSC can be trusted to save local services

"You're the first person who has made sense in this election" said a council worker

More ...

TUSC against cuts

17 April 2015

The 100% anti-austerity election broadcast - tonight!

Tonight TUSC has its first party election broadcast transmitted across England, Wales and Scotland.

More ...

15 April 2015

Bromley council workers show how to fight Tories

Unite members working at Bromley council have begun a fight to defend public services from privatisation, oppose cuts to pay and conditions and defend the right of workers to be organised in a trade union

More ...

15 April 2015

Public sector wage restraint - myth and reality

In 2012 Policy Exchange, the Tories favourite think tank, produced a paper - 'Local pay, local growth' - which argued that holding down public sector wages and pensions and bringing them into line with 'equivalent' jobs in the private sector would save 6.3 billion a year.

More ...

15 April 2015

My life as a day centre worker

A Cardiff day care worker, and member of Unison, explains the demands of their important job, against a background of austerity cuts

More ...

15 April 2015

Them & Us

Mr Big: A 47 billion takeover bid by oil giant Shell for smaller rival BG Group will net 'Norway's Mr Oil' - Helge Lund - a cool 25 million, for just two months' work!

More ...

15 April 2015

We can end the housing crisis

All the indicators of homelessness are on the rise. The number of children living in temporary accommodation has risen by nearly 10,000 in the last 12 months.

More ...

15 April 2015

Protest votes

39. As the existing parties are weakened, other 'populist' forces are stepping into the vacuum. This process will accelerate under the next government, particularly before the formation of a new workers'

More ...

15 April 2015

Labour-led government

25. What would the differences be between a Labour minority government and a Tory one? Little of substance. Tony Blair has already started to publicly lay the blame for Labour losing the general election

More ...

15 April 2015

Document on British Perspectives

Socialist Party congress, 14-15 February 2015: This document was produced on 5th January 2015 and subsequently some amendments were incorporated during and following the 14th February congress discussion on Britain, writes Socialist Party executive committee, January 2015.

More ...

At the 2015 TUSC manifesto launch, photo Senan

15 April 2015

Labour - party of cuts

Oppose the 'logic of capitalism': Election polls continue to show Labour and the Tories neck and neck. This is an indictment of Labour: After five years of the most vicious attacks on the working class, they cannot decisively pull ahead of the Tory toffs

More ...

15 April 2015

Fighting local government cuts

TUSC Croydon Central constituency candidate April Ashley is a Unison national executive member and assistant branch secretary for Southwark Unison local government (standing for TUSC in a personal capacity)

More ...

13 April 2015

Labour manifesto shows commitment to banks not ordinary people

TUSC has condemned Labour's pledge to carry on Tory austerity

More ...

photo Paul Mattsson

8 April 2015

NHS fees warning: Vote TUSC

The next government could bring in charges for NHS services. This was the warning made by Mark Porter, head of doctors' organisation the BMA, because of the NHS's 30 billion deficit

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