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23 July 2015

Anger at the "Labstainers" - Labour's lack of opposition to attack on welfare

The Tories launched another vile attack on the working class, with the Welfare Reform and Work Bill. Disgracefully only 48 Labour MPs voted against it

More ...

15 July 2015

EU revenge against Greek workers

In effect, Greece will come under the neo-colonial rule of the EU and Germany, its strongest economy. EU officials will dictate policy and expect the Greek parliament to rubber stamp draconian austerity measures.

More ...

15 July 2015

Labour's austerity 'me too-ism' continues

The Tories have lined up stinging attacks on the working class in their latest budget. But Labour leader Harriet Harman stepped forward and said 'me too' on behalf of her party.

More ...

15 July 2015

Labour council axes union facility time

Coventry council, a Labour-controlled authority, is planning draconian cuts to facility time - union reps' time for trade union duties.

More ...

15 July 2015

Transport workers shut down tube and railway

Workers on London Underground and First Great Western railway caused widespread transport shutdowns to fight attacks on jobs, pay and conditions.

More ...

15 July 2015

Road accident highlights need to save school crossings

On the same day as Save Derbyshire School Crossing Campaigners put questions about cuts to a meeting at Derbyshire County Council, a Lollypop Lady at their local school in Chesterfield was hit by a car.

More ...

15 July 2015

Osborne attacks youth... we take to the streets!

The budget saw vicious attacks on huge sections of society. But one group particularly hard hit was young people. Read reports of protests as we hit the streets to fight back.

More ...

15 July 2015

Living wage lie

When Iain Duncan Smith cheers the budget speech, we know it's bad news for working class people. Their headline promise of a new 'living wage' is no such thing.

More ...

15 July 2015

Reverse social care sell-offs

As people live longer, more and more are likely to need care services when they get older, writes Jean Thorpe, Nottingham Socialist Party.

More ...

8 July 2015

Fightback essential following Osborne's hatchet budget

For the Tory ministers in their ivory towers the plight of working class people is off their radar

More ...

8 July 2015

Yorkshire firefighters demonstrate against crew cuts

Firefighters and supporters demonstrated in Easingwold, Yorkshire on 24 June against 1.3 million cuts, which will impact jobs and response times.

More ...

8 July 2015

Them & Us

Short dispatches on the utter hypocrisy of the bosses and their politicians.

More ...

8 July 2015

Cuts for us, handouts for rich

Wednesday 8 July will be remembered as a day of horror for millions of households across Britain. 12 billion welfare cuts will mean many families having thousands of pounds cut from their income every year.

More ...

8 July 2015

Scotland and North-West England hold TUSC conferences

Trade unionists and anti-cuts activists in Scotland and North-West England held conferences to plan work with the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC).

More ...

8 July 2015

Education under attack! Reports from the front line of the fightback

Teachers take action against education cuts in Salford, Leeds, Bradford, Swansea, Sussex and Stafford.

More ...

1 July 2015

Shirebrook: united campaign against danger of division

A stabbing of a man walking his dog in Shirebrook, Derbyshire, the second in a month, has increased tensions in the ex-mining town.

More ...

1 July 2015

Block Osborne's Billionaire Budget

The Tory chancellor's new spending cuts will hit young people hard. Join young activists in towns and cities across the country to protest on 8 July!

More ...

1 July 2015

Victory against disabled transport cuts in Derby

Derby City Labour council has scrapped plans to change the school transport arrangements for children with special needs.

More ...

1 July 2015

Escalate strikes to fight council's 90% sell-off

On the back of their shock general election win, the Tories think they are untouchable. In one borough in south-east London, they plan to outsource more than 90% of staff.

More ...

1 July 2015

Them & Us

Short dispatches on the utter hypocrisy of the bosses and their politicians.

More ...

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