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Local services / Cuts

Fighting the cuts in Tower Hamlets, East London

25 February 2015

Councils at breaking point: the strategy to fight back

Councils up and down the country are setting budgets, once again forcing through tens of millions - in some cases hundreds of millions - of pounds of cuts

More ...

25 February 2015

Fight tuition fees - support the TUSC alternative

Labour's recent announcement that, given a win at the up-coming elections, they plan on reducing tuition fees to 6,000 a year would be laughable to students if it was not a complete insult

More ...

25 February 2015

Campaign news in brief

Do people want councillors who implement cuts, or councillors who are willing to fight the cuts?

More ...

First time candidate Scott Jones was within 113 seats of winning a seat on the Usdaw exec

First time candidate Scott Jones was within 113 seats of winning a seat on the Usdaw exec

25 February 2015

Left scares Usdaw leadership in elections

Socialist Party member Amy Murphy wins Southern region seat with 2,263 votes and finishes a close second in presidential election with 45% of the vote

More ...

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett, photo Paul Mattsson

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett, photo Paul Mattsson

25 February 2015

Bristol Greens back 'shocking' austerity policies

The 2012 Green Party Bristol mayoral manifesto said: "We do not agree with the logic of cutting public spending at a time of recession." Fighting words, but completely at variance with their deeds on Bristol City Council

More ...

25 February 2015

Warrington 'vanity project' youth service cuts

Warrington's Labour council is pumping millions into a new 'Youth Zone' recreation centre. This is at the expense of professionally trained and paid youth workers - and without listening to the needs

More ...

25 February 2015

Anti-cuts MPs would only take average wage of a worker

In response to the latest Westminster scandal, the Socialist Party argues that what is urgently needed is a party of a completely different type

More ...

23 February 2015

Unison activists challenge New Labour

Unison delegates from across south east England attended their regional council AGM

More ...

23 February 2015

Wales Labour vandalising services

Trade union leaders in Wales continue their unrequited love for Welsh Labour despite Labour's ongoing willingness to implement Con-Dem cuts

More ...

20 February 2015

Rebel councillor speaks at first Warrington TUSC meeting

Councillor Kevin Bennett hammered Warrington's Labour council at the borough's first Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) meeting

More ...

Watford Socialist Party member Sajith Attepuram, photo Senan

Watford Socialist Party member Sajith Attepuram, photo Senan

18 February 2015

Preparing the forces to fight capitalist austerity

On 14-15 February, branch delegates and visitors gathered at 2015 Socialist Party congress to discuss and debate the key political developments internationally and in Britain, and to map out the party's tasks over the next 12 months

More ...

Firefighters protesting in Leicester over pension changes, photo Steve Score

18 February 2015

Firefighters' pensions strike and demo

Firefighters will be striking on 25 February in their battle against changes to pensions

More ...

18 February 2015

Labour council to deal 'savage blow' to Coventry

On 24 February, councillors in Coventry will deal a savage blow to our city. They will vote on a budget making 15 million in cuts

More ...

Clapton bus garage, photo Paul Mattsson

Clapton bus garage, photo Paul Mattsson

18 February 2015

Fighting racism with Solidarity Street

Over the last six months, hundreds of local people have backed our call to boycott "Immigration Street"

More ...

18 February 2015

"I want to tell the truth about the crime of austerity"

Nancy Taaffe, TUSC's prospective parliamentary candidate for Walthamstow, spoke to the Socialist

More ...

Nana Asante speaking at the 2014 TUSC conference, photo Paul Mattsson

Nana Asante speaking at the 2014 TUSC conference, photo Paul Mattsson

18 February 2015

"Vote for hope and an alternative"

Ex-Labour councillor stands for TUSC in Harrow: Nana Asante, former Labour mayor and Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) prospective parliamentary candidate in Harrow East, spoke to the Socialist, writes Why did the split occur in the Labour Party in Harrow?.

More ...

18 February 2015

May Day greetings with the Socialist

Previous years' May Day appeals have resulted in fantastic displays of the respect and authority the Socialist commands in the workers' movement

More ...

11 February 2015

Appeal: Back the real opposition to brutal austerity

In the face of brutal austerity, a record-breaking eight Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) candidates are standing in Wales for the general election this year

More ...

11 February 2015

'TUSC has my values and principles'

Warrington rebel councillor Kevin Bennett speaks to the Socialist: Warrington anti-cuts councillor Kevin Bennett has left the Labour Party to become a Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition representative

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