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Local services / Cuts

8 November 2014

Socialism 2014: A weekend of discussion and debate

Kshama Sawant, Seattle city councillor and a key leader of the victorious $15 an hour minimum wage campaign in her city, will be speaking at the Saturday 8th November rally. Kshama is a member of Socialist Alternative, the Socialist Party's co-thinkers in the US.

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23 October 2014

Mark Serwotka re-elected for fourth term

Mark Serwotka has been re-elected unopposed for a fourth term as general secretary of the Public and Commercial Services union

More ...

A Cardiff Against the Cuts protest, photo Becky Davis

A Cardiff Against the Cuts protest, photo Becky Davis

22 October 2014

Local services suffer under Welsh Labour

In an article that would be attacked by our opponents as scaremongering if written by a Socialist Party Wales member, chief reporter for Wales Online, Martin Shipton, writes: "The local government settlement announced by the Welsh Government will mark the beginning of the end of council services"

More ...

22 October 2014

100,000 march against cuts and for a wage rise

Around 100,000 trade unionists and supporters attended the London TUC's 'Britain Needs A Pay Rise' demonstration in London on Saturday 18 October

More ...

21 October 2014

Russell Brand strikes a chord

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown (20 October) is probably right that Russell Brand is a "dilettante". But he challenges the status quo and stands up for those who are on its sharp end, like the young mothers in Newham

More ...

15 October 2014

How a mass campaign stopped the cuts

The lessons of Liverpool's socialist council 1983-87: Despite crying crocodile tears, Labour-run councils throughout Britain have implemented devastating government cuts in jobs and public services - in some cases with enthusiasm, alienating many working class Labour voters

More ...

A PCS picket in Manchester, 15.10.14, photo Alex Davidson

A PCS picket in Manchester, 15.10.14, photo Alex Davidson

15 October 2014

PCS members again show anti-austerity determination

Civil servants in the PCS union were out on strike in force, part of the rolling programme of strikes planned for this week

More ...

On the 26 March TUC demonstration - 24 hour General strike now!, photo Paul Mattsson

15 October 2014

Fight for mass action to end cuts and low pay

Britain needs a pay rise: How can we get it? When the TUC first organised their 'Britain Needs a Pay Rise' demonstration on 18 October, it is hard to believe that they saw it as an integral part of a campaign of co-ordinated strike action

More ...

Austerity is failing - but all mainstream parties support it, photo Paul Mattsson

10 October 2014

Stop Ukip: Byelection results reveal crisis of austerity parties

The two byelections on 9 October were a disaster for the main parties. The results reflect a rejection of austerity - all that is on offer from Labour and the Con-Dems

More ...

8 October 2014

Thatcher's enemies within

The revelations about Thatcher's speech written for Tory Conference 1984 but abandoned after the IRA Brighton bombing confirm her demented view of the world, writes Tony Mulhearn.

More ...

8 October 2014

Public sector: why we have to strike

The October week of action is not before time: we have all suffered under a massive onslaught of job cuts and pay cuts since this Con-Dem government of the rich for the rich came to power

More ...

8 October 2014

Support Care UK day of action

A national day of action is due to take place on Friday 10 October on Doncaster Care UK workers' 81st day of strike action against 35% pay cuts

More ...

8 October 2014

NHS - The black hole

Stop the cuts, scrap rip-off PFI privatisation schemes: The National Health Service (NHS) is mired in a deep financial crisis and in a desperate attempt to highlight this a body of health professionals have written an open letter to the government, writes An NHS worker.

More ...

8 October 2014

UK - A tax haven for the super-rich

Prime Minister David Cameron pledged at Tory party conference to make tax cuts to assist 30 million "hardworking families", writes Simon Carter.

More ...

Lobby at Barking town hall, 9.10.14, photo P Mason

8 October 2014

Barking and Dagenham council at a crossroads

Hundreds of low paid council workers facing a 2,000 a year cut to their income protested outside Barking town hall

More ...

1 October 2014

Fire and rescue... rescued

Warsop fire station in Nottinghamshire has been saved, writes Jon Dale and Neal Davis, Mansfield Socialist Party

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1 October 2014

More brutal cuts from the imploding Tories

The Tory party conference is a vision of a party in peril, and a leader surviving by the seat of his pants

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