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30 September 2015

Give us the resources to defeat the Tories

We are appealing to all our readers and supporters to make a donation to the Socialist Party. We depend solely on the support of ordinary people - the Socialist Party has no rich backers.

More ...

30 September 2015

Why you should join the socialists

A single person can't change society, no matter how high they climb or how hard they shout at the TV. To do it we've got to build an organisation that coordinates the efforts of lots of committed activists and arms them with socialist ideas.

More ...

30 September 2015

Lessons from the past: Liverpool City Council 1983-87

From 1983 to 1987 Liverpool was led by supporters of Militant (predecessor of the Socialist), who at the time were members of the Labour Party. When faced with cuts from central government, they refused to pass them on.

More ...

30 September 2015

Them & Us

It's one world for the super-rich, and another one for the rest of us. Suicide-causing Wonga debt rates versus bank bailouts; David Cameron accused of getting huntsman mate off charges.

More ...

30 September 2015

Free school meals cut as poor children go hungry

Tories plan to starve working class kids by cutting universal free school meals for children under seven.

More ...

30 September 2015

Socialism is back!

Socialism is back. For decades the pro-capitalist establishment politicians that dominate parliament have told us that socialism is irrelevant and outmoded. Jeremy Corbyn's election as Labour leader has started to change that.

More ...

30 September 2015

Workplace news in brief

Short reports on some of the latest trade union struggles. Steel plant closure, bin pay freeze beaten, victimised postal union rep, printers' strike.

More ...

30 September 2015

Nominate Roger Bannister for Unison general secretary

Local government union Unison is facing huge challenges posed by a government hell-bent on imposing austerity. For this reason a strategy to defend local government is urgently needed.

More ...

30 September 2015

Anger and protest against fire service cuts in Leicestershire

A protest was organised by Leicestershire FBU at the county fire authority HQ in opposition to devastating cuts.

More ...

30 September 2015

Junior doctors fight government attacks

In another scandalous attack on the NHS, the government is pushing through a brutal new contract for junior doctors.

More ...

30 September 2015

How can we bring down the Tories?

On 4 October thousands of people will throng through the streets of Manchester to demonstrate against a vicious government of the rich. As the huge popularity of Jeremy Corbyn's Labour leadership campaign has demonstrated, big numbers of people want an alternative to endless austerity.

More ...

Protesting against school crossing cuts by Derbyshire County Council, photo E Evans

29 September 2015

Labour cuts school crossings

The Labour majority on Derbyshire County Council failed miserably in its first post-Corbyn test

More ...

28 September 2015

TUSC: Central in the battle for a working class anti-austerity voice

With serious and fraternal debate, the TUSC conference on 26th September firmly asserted that TUSC has a vital role to play in the new political situation opened up by Corbyn's win

More ...

23 September 2015

Greece: Widespread abstention in election

On 20 September, Syriza was returned to power in a snap general election. What does this mean for Greece's anti-austerity left?

More ...

23 September 2015

1985: police murder sparks Brixton riot

30 years ago, the police shot blameless mother Cherry Groce. We look back on the murder and ensuing riots.

More ...

23 September 2015

Cameron must go

Allegedly, Prime Minister David Cameron fibbed about political sugar daddy Lord Ashcroft's filching 'non-dom' tax status. So says the peer himself. Time to kick out all these corrupt establishment politicians.

More ...

23 September 2015

Traffic wardens strike for better pay

Traffic wardens employed by private service provider NSL in Camden are to hold a seven-day pay strike starting 23 September.

More ...

23 September 2015

Organise to fight cuts!

Corbyn under fire: To ensure the anti-austerity politics that have won Corbyn such support are not imprisoned within a few individuals in the leadership of the Labour Party, his supporters must get organised in every town and city of the country

More ...

23 September 2015

Nominate Roger Bannister for Unison general secretary

We cannot accept Labour councillors continuing to slash jobs and services, argues Roger Bannister

More ...

23 September 2015

What we saw

Rob Williams, chair of the National Shop Stewards Network, got a mention in parliament recently.

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