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Thursday, February 29, 2024

British Perspectives

British Perspectives 2022

British Perspectives 2022 takes the form of two statements agreed at the Socialist Party National Congress on the 14-16 May 2022. The first is the National Committee statement on British Perspectives, dated 15 January 2022 and reproduced here as amended by Congress. The second is an EC addendum dated 26 April 2022, entitled The consequences of the Ukraine conflict for Britain presented as agreed by Congress.

British Perspectives 2019

Capitalist commentators are wringing their hands in despair at the incompetence of both the US and Britain’s governments. In reality, however, the highly dysfunctional character of both governments is not simply an accident of leadership, but reflects the increased inability of the capitalist class to rule in the old way and increasingly in any way, which is at root, part of the legacy of the 2007/2008 economic crisis and its aftermath.

British Perspectives 2018

In the January 2017 British Perspectives document we raised the possibility of Theresa May calling a general election. We concluded that: “Despite all of these reasons to avoid a snap general election, it is not precluded that the Tories could be forced to call one.

British Perspectives 2017

Britain in 2017 is crisis-ridden and unpredictable. The reasons for the increased instability are, at root, the consequences of the capitalist crisis, including the hollowing out of support for all

British Perspectives 2016

The speed of political developments in Britain has quickened dramatically. In last year's perspectives document we said: "The weakening of the social base of the major parties, a process that has taken place over decades, is now reaching a tipping point."

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